Branding for Great Ideas in Nutrition

Amanda Clark is the internationally renowned creator of “Portion Perfection,” a visual dietary guide for choosing the right portion size for weight loss and weight maintenance for men, women and children in Australia and overseas.

I’ve been working with Amanda and her team since 2008, helping them keep their branding and collateral consistent across all facets of the business.

Amanda needed help with creating visual branding for Great Ideas in Nutrition, her specialist nutrition and consultancy company.

Great Ideas in Nutrition is focused on improving the health of clients through professional nutritional guidance and access to the correct resources, with practices on the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and in Lismore.

The Brief

After being in business for over a decade, Amanda felt that they needed to refocus their current marketing towards building engagement with their existing customers and new clients alike. At the same time, she wanted to ensure that industry colleagues have access to well-branded marketing tools and resources.

Amanda wanted Great Ideas in Nutrition’s brand to speak about her expertise in the field of nutrition, while making sure that the design is consistent with her style and attractive enough for both her target audience and industry contacts.

The Approach

Great Ideas in Nutrition showcases valuable dietary and nutritional insights through visuals, so it was important to create captivating and well-represented graphics.

To ensure that the branding work was spot on, I spent time gaining a thorough understanding about the market and what role the business plays in their daily lives.

Working closely with Amanda and her team, I was able to come up with inspiring and captivating design options to engage both customers and industry colleagues.

Inspiring branding & graphic design for female entrepreneurs who want to elevate their purpose-driven brands.

The Result

I focused on weaving together all the design elements for the print and online collateral, making sure that the branding is consistent yet engaging enough for their target audience.

Some of the work I have done includes:

  • Branding
  • Graphic elements for website
  • Book design
  • Infographics
  • Print collateral

By providing ongoing design support, Amanda is able to showcase the stand-out visual branding that’s instantly recognisable by her target audience.

Learn more about Great Ideas in Nutrition here

Finding and working with Simone Young shaped and defined our visual presence. Our concept is visual so how we look is really important to us. We have been with Simone for over 10 years and she has helped us to update and modernise our look within our branding. Simone is always responsive, gives her all and still surprises us with the wonderful work she does.

Amanda Clark

Great Ideas in Nutrition


Ideas in Nutrition